A graduate of the Yale School of Art, and an accomplished graphic artist and painter, I have worked in graphic arts since 1982 in New York City. Paula Heisen designimaging was launched in 1996 with two major clients, Madison Square Garden and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Most of the work featured on this website was produced for these two clients.

Graphic design is an intensely collaborative affair and I enjoy the unpredictable creative arc of those collaborations. Although the disciplines of painting and graphic design require two very different skill sets, there are similarities in my approach to both: an intuitive grasp of a problem and its solution, and attention to detail. The design work shown here concentrates on marketing: logos, brochures, programs, ads and posters. My goal has always been to come up with interesting and creative solutions that fit the needs of my clients – at a reasonable cost.

In addition to ICSC and Madison Square Garden, clients include Radio City Entertainment, NFL Properties and Magic Graphics. Before starting Paula Heisen designimaging, I worked at a number of boutique design firms focused on corporate communications, such as Arnold Saks Associates, Corporate Annual Reports, Richard Danne, Frankfurt Balkind and Donovan & Green. Extensive experience in publishing and media includes work done for New York Woman Magazine, Esquire, Connoisseur, ArtNews Magazine, MTV Graphics Division, Atheneum Books and Simon & Schuster Trade Promotion. In California, I worked as a graphic artist for the The Creative Circle, the Santa Barbara Public Works Department, and the Santa Barbara News & Review.

Related Endeavors

Other activities include my garden, a book tribute to a friend and a volunteer mural project. My paintings and drawings have been exhibited throughout the United States, with solo exhibitions in New York City, Chicago and Houston, and can be seen at www.paulaheisen.com.

This Site

I designed and produced all the samples on this site, using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop; some older pieces were done with Quark Xpress. The site was created with Dreamweaver.


To contact me, or for more information, please email heisendesign@earthlink.net.